Should a Man consider retirement?

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The rich fool’s goal was to store up so much wealth so that he can eat, drink and be merry. I have heard this line used and abused in gigantic proportions. Hearing 30 year old men saying my goal is to retire young so I can do whatever I want. Purchase of cars, vacation around the world, eat, drink and beĀ  merry.

It actually gives me the cringe when I hear this from well meaning, hard working young people. I know they are far better off than people who don’t work hard and save but if the main reason for retirement is to eat, drink and be merry then we are missing the purpose of wealth.

I love how Jamie Munson, author of MONEY: God or Gift?, with regards to retirement. He says in his book,


The word retirement is not in the Bible, but faithfully saving money over the course of a lifetime and having the ability to quit is not unbiblical, provided your latter years are spent worshipping Jesus (not comfort and ease). In fact, such a transition could be a great gift if the extra time is used to invest in your family, serve your church, and help those God brings into your life.

With a perspective like this, it changes the whole nature of retirement. Randy Alcorn quips, ” We are storing up treasures for heaven, not treasures for retirement.”

I have nothing against vacations and recreation and hobbies. I think I’ll be putting that on my bucket list but at the same time I can’t imagine living my last 30 to 40 years here on earth just pleasuring myself with what the world offers.

“God’s people may at times be enormously wealthy but a major purpose of God granting them wealth is that they may share it with those in need.” – Craig Blomberg


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